For us toys are resources for play, for imagination, creativity, life enhancement and joy.  That's why, to the surprise of some, we have leased an area of woodland near our base from the local authority.  It is a semi-natural, ancient woodland about 10 acres in size, somewhat neglected in parts .....beautiful, magical, mysterious with endless potential for inspiration, fantasy, enchantment and playful enjoyment.

We are re-establishing an ancient relationship with woods, with fun, folklore, fairy-tales, myth and magic.  Restoring a sense of excitement in a place where you can hide within earshot of others, get lost and then find a way back, play games, pretend, climb, fall, run, rest, trip, yell, shelter, find tracks and traces of creatures and smell the earth.  We put on activities and organise opportunities to attract people into the woods and once there to experience the beneficial effects of being outdoors and learn to value and protect the natural environment.

Everyone should be able to access the natural world which is why we manage the woodland as a community resource and provide activities to help people do just that.

We hold weekly sessions in Barkers Wood near Bulwell Hall Park and The Toy Library on Norwich Gardens throughout the year. 

Our Tuesday Twigglets sessions from 12.30pm - 2.30pm are designed especially for children under 4 years old.  They are very popular, but there's always room for more.  Outdoor fun includes pond dipping, den building and campfire cooking all under the supervision of Jane, our forest schools specialist and her team. Twigglets is generously funded by a Small Steps Big Changes Ideas Fund grant and as such is free to all.    

We're often asked "what should my child wear for the woods?"  As its the natural world, there's mud and wildlife all around so please wear clothes and appropriate shoes you don't mind getting really dirty!  Toy Library staff are happy to advise - just ask at the session.