As part of our commitment to public safety, we may need to share some of the information we hold about you if you attend any of the groups we run, access any of our services or your child attends Toybox, with the NHS Test and Trace Service.

We are doing this to help reduce the risk of a local outbreak of coronavirus and in line with government guidance. We want to do everything we can to protect the children and families we work with, our staff, visitors and the wider community.

Your information will always be stored and used in compliance with the relevant data protection legislation. The information we may need to share is your name, contact information, whether you are under 18 years old or an adult and the dates and times you have accessed any of our services, within the relevant time period.

We will only share the information with NHS Test and Trace, if asked, in the event of a potential outbreak at our venue.

If you are contacted by the NHS Test and Trace Service and you have had contact with anyone from the Toy Library or accessed any of our services, please provide them with The Toy Library’s contact information when asked.

If you have any concerns or questions at all, please speak directly to a member of the Toy Library Team.

Please help us keep everyone safe; thank you for your understanding.

Click HERE for more information about the NHS Test and Trace Service