‘John Wesley talks of his childhood from the 1950s playing out in Lenton and beyond. With Nottingham as his playground, John talks of simply playing marbles in the street to jumping off bridges into coal trucks at Wilford Power Station!’

(Additional detail from John via email: Hi I would like to add that we lived in a two up two down no bathroom outside toilet when in winter you would keep a candle burning so the system didn't freeze. Bath night was Friday in a tin bath in the kitch in front of the fire so you would have to boil water on the stove to fill it. Washing was the same boil water up on the stove fill the dolly tub and use the ponch then use a mangle before hanging it out to dry. Then on a clothes horse to finish frying then heat an iron on the stove to finish hard life for a mother that's why I think my mum was glad that I was out from under her feet on top that she work 5.30 to 9.30 on what was called the twilight shift.)