“Thank you… and hope to see you all safe and well on the other side of this.”

 This was part of a lovely message from a parent to our playworkers last week as we ‘paused’ all of our group sessions for reasons that I am sure don’t need explaining. One thing that everyone agrees on is that this ‘crisis’ takes us all into completely new and unfamiliar territory.

 The Toy Library was set up 41 years ago by families to help each other, to bring parents together for support, help and companionship as they raise their children. Well we’re still here, a bit spread out admittedly as we’re mostly working from home.

 First and foremost, we all need to keep an eye out for anyone that is struggling. That goes for all our staff, trustees, volunteers, parents, children and all of our neighbours… Everyone. We have a strong community and we need it to work now more than ever before.

 We all need to follow the government advice as well.

 Given that most of our services have been about getting people and children together, we’re now trying to work out how to work with you now we’re all ‘socially distant.’ Families have children at home from nursery and school for longer than just the holidays. We can’t put on the groups, holiday play schemes and activities for them to come out to now. There is no doubt that is going to be hard for them… and for you.

 But, as the sign on our building says, “we all need to play.” So, here are some ideas, let us know what sounds useful, or not, and any ideas you have that we could try out (bear in mind it may take a while to get them organised though):

  • Toy loans, If we can organise a way to sanitise and deliver them. Let us know if you think it would be useful to you and we’ll do our best.
  • Ideas for play activities/crafts/games put out on Facebook or other social media channels, ideas welcome.
  • Ideas for making things out of toilet roll tubes for those of you who may have much more than you need!
  • Activity packs.
  • Ideas for things to do outdoors.
  • Anything else that we or you think up over the coming weeks.

 Take care all, keep in touch and…

 … see you all safe and well on the other side of this.


Steve and everyone at The Toy Library.


If you need to contact us email [email protected]