As part of our new name and 40th anniversary celebrations, we have been looking at how our organisation runs.

Don’t worry – this does not affect the services or projects run by The Toy Library. All we are doing is making sure that our systems are following the legal rules for companies in the best and most up to date way.

As well as being a registered charity, we are also a registered company limited by guarantee. This gives the people who manage The Toy Library some legal protections if they follow the legal rules.

One of those legal rules is that the Toy Library must keep an official list of the legal members of the company. They get to vote on some of the decisions that need to be made about how The Toy Library is run (for example, choosing who should be part of the Board of Directors that manages the company). Legal members are asked to promise that if the company closes down they will give £1 towards the costs of closing.

In the past we’ve kept just one very long list that has both our legal members and the people who are members of the individual projects and schemes that we run.  We’ve decided that’s too confusing, and we need to have two separate lists. To make it clear who is a legal member, and how long their legal membership lasts for, we are going to ask legal members to pay £1 subscription every year.

We want to be sure that everyone involved with The Toy Library is on the right list so:

If you would like to be a legal member of the company and get involved with making official decisions about what we do (as well as coming to our projects and using our services), then please fill in and return the application form using the link at the bottom of this page with your first £1 annual membership fee.

If you just want to carry on coming to our projects and using our services, you don’t have to do anything – there are no extra charges, you will stay on our list of supporters and you can still come to The Toy Library exactly as you have always done.

If you have any questions about this letter, please call me at The Toy Library on 0115 975 3898.

 We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Steve Parkinson

The Toy Library Service Director