Toybox Preschool Philosophy

At Toybox Preschool we aim to help children develop an interest in learning, a willingness to try new activities, to trust adults, develop a strong sense of independence and become better prepared for school.

To help develop those attitudes and behaviours children are encouraged to become ‘active learners’.  They have direct hands on experiences with people, objects, events and ideas.  Children’s interests and choices are at the heart of our teaching programme.  The children construct their own knowledge through interactions with the world and the people around them.  In our active learning setting, adults expand children’s thinking with diverse materials and nurturing interactions.

We recognise that the collaboration between parents and our preschool is fundamental to the success of our approach.  Our aim is to create the ‘Toybox Family’ environment where all parents are welcome and their views and ideas are valued.  Parents are regularly invited to take part in their child’s preschool life.  Our staff inform the parents about their child’s progress and offer advice on how to enhance children’s learning at home.

Learning Environment

Our Pre-School room is divided into defined interest areas: Home, Music, Toy, Creative, Construction, Cosy, Material Exploration.  Children are able to access materials themselves and take responsibility for tidying up afterwards.

Daily Routine

We follow a predictable sequence of events called the ‘Daily Routine’.  This includes small and large group times, outside time, free flow, story time, snack and transitions between activities.

Conflict Resolution

At Toybox Preschool we use an initial problem solving intervention for all situations in which children are distressed or in conflict.  This type of approach involves an adult approaching the situation calmly, stopping any hurtful actions, acknowledging the feelings of those involved, gathering information, restating the issue to help children reflect, regain control of the situation and resolve the situation themselves.

As this process is repeated many times children begin to use their developing language to talk things through, negotiate, use sand timers to take turns and resolve their own issues.


We provide free places for 2 year olds on the Nottingham City Council Early Learning Programme and 3 and 4 year olds on the Early Years Entitlement (EYE). We also offer places to children whose parents wish to pay for them. Our hourly rate is £6.20. You may be able to get help paying for childcare. Please visit to find out if you are eligible.


Is my 2 year old eligible for a free place?

Eligible 2 year olds can access 15 hours a week of free quality early learning with us from the start of the school term after their second birthday.  We offers places for families who qualify for a free place under the Early Learning Programme.  You can find out from the Families Information Service if you are eligible for a place online at  or by telephoning them on 0800 458 4114.  If you are eligible for a free place contact us so that we can talk to you about providing a place for your child.


30 hours free childcare for 3 and 4 year olds

Please go to to find out if you are eligible.  You will be given an eligibility code if you qualify. Please bring it together with your National Insurance number to Toybox Preschool to secure a place for your child.  You can split the entitlement between two providers, e. g. your child can attend a school nursery for 15 hours per week and Toybox for 15 hours per week.

Opening times

Places are available for 38 weeks during school term time:
Monday – Friday from 8.30am – 3.30pm.  Core sessions: 8.45am – 11.45am and 12.30pm – 3.30pm


Key Dates in 2017-18

Autumn Term: Begins Friday 1st September and ends Friday 22nd December 2017

Half term will be Monday 23rd October to Friday 3rd November 2017.


Spring Term: Begins Tuesday 9th January and ends Thursday 29th March 2018

Half term will be Monday 19th February to Friday 23rd February 2018.


Summer Term: Begins Tuesday 17th April and ends Wednesday 25th July 2018

Half term will be Monday 28th May to Friday 1st June 2018


What happens when my child starts?

It is very important that your child is happy and enjoys their time with us.
We offer home visits prior to your child starting at preschool. This is an opportunity for your child to meet their key person in a familiar environment and for you to discuss the settling-in arrangements.

Each child who attends Toybox Preschool is assigned their key person. The key person ensures that:
• Your child enjoys his/her time at Toybox.
• He/she builds close relationships with staff and children.
• He/she is given support in the areas where he/she may need it.
• Support is given to you as a parent.

Most children attending our setting make a smooth transition to the local schools and we prepare the children well for this big step.


How to contact us

Telephone – call us at the Toybox Preschool on 0791 730 3837 or for general queries call Andy on 0115 975 3898

If calling during school holidays, please use the landline number.


Toybox Preschool
Snapewood Primary School Site
Aspen Road, Bulwell

Ofsted Registration: EY479637



Our qualified and experienced staff welcome your questions, thoughts and comments so your child gets the most from our sessions.  You will be assured of a warm welcome from us all.


Special Educational Needs

All settings like ours, who receive government funding, must adhere to a document called the “SEND Code of Practice (2014)”. The aim of the document is to ensure that all children’s needs are catered for. It is recognised that some children have special educational needs and/or disabilities and that some will need extra support in certain areas of development.

One of the requirements of the code is that all settings have a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) to manage children who would benefit from additional support. At Toybox Preschool our SENCO is Siobhan Lammiman.


You can find our Ofsted report on the Ofsted website